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Rhona Gomes French Tutor

Hello my name is Rhona Gomès and welcome to French For Fun, based in Ennis, Co. Clare.

I am a fluent French speaker and passionate about languages and inspiring children from a young age. I have been teaching French, to primary aged children through to teenagers in Ennis Co. Clare, since 2011.

With an honours degree in French and Insurance & European Studies (University Limerick) as well as an Early Childhood Studies (London Metropolitan University), I am also the Area Support Advisor for the La Jolie Ronde Network in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Our Classes

French For Fun offers structured and age-appropriate language learning for children aged 6 years and upwards, following the award-winning La Jolie Ronde programme. Classes are based on everyday topics, already familiar to pupils, through engaging and enjoyable games, songs, role-play, rhymes and stories for the younger children. For older pupils, the aim is focused more on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Each pupil receives their own activity book and access to the downloadable app to assist with home learning.

The La Jolie Ronde method encourages children to become skilled, confident, and enthusiastic language learners, with the opportunity to learn a skill for life!

Why Learn Another Language?

Learn French with Rhona Gomes
  • Enhance Life Skills: Speaking another language opens the door to new possibilities & opportunities. Travel and lifelong friendships are built with the people you meet along the way if you’re able to communicate easily.
  • Develop Confidence and Self Esteem: Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding and can enrich your personal life too. We encourage children to use language in real-life situations which in turn will enable them to overcome fears and doubts leaving them feeling much more confident.
  • Boost Other Learning: Research has found that pupils who study foreign languages, tend to score better at standardised tests than their monolingual peers. This has been particularly noticeable in maths, reading, and vocabulary.
  • Improve Your Employability: Our globalised world means companies are constantly expanding overseas plus dealing with clients from all over the world. Speaking a second language enables you to communicate with a broader network.

Ennis, Co. Clare

Tel: 086 826 2500

Email: info@frenchforfun.ie

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